Alizarin Crimson 12ml – DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Stick

 735.80  588.64

Product Description

Alizarin Crimson is the oldest synthetic deep red-crimson pigment.  It is a lake pigment which when applied in strength and kept from the direct sunlight will last for many decades.  Alizarin is a treat to paint with, just the sheer joy of the ddepth and uniqueness of color is invigorating.  A beautiful bluish-red pigment from the staining family, Alizarin Crimson is listed on the basic palette of a vast majority of artists.  Intense and dark in value, Alizarin Crimson mixes clearly with most pigments to create dark mixtures and warm neutrals.  A combination of Aureolin (Cobalt Yellow) and French Ultramarine with Alizarin renders a surprising range of other colors resembling everything from Burnt Sienna and Umber to Payne’s Gray, while Alizarin Crimson with French Ultramarine creates an intense purple.

Pigment: PR 83 / Series: Stick / Lightfastness: lV- Fugitive / Transparency: Transparent / Granulation: Non-Granulating / Staining: 3-Medium Staining