We started with our common love – morning yellows, sunset , unhurried conversations, drift woods, lazy walks, lying on sand, walking barefoot, watch kids dive into open seas and crack happy laughter, coffee tint, seawalls, old churches, seaports, fish mongers, foot of the hills, coming home and tracing beautiful creases on the forehead of our family members and friends… These are among those that make us stop and be still with time.  Usually it doesn’t stop there because we like to keep lovely memories.

Keeping memories starts with a husband who paints and has beginnings with a color palette – violet, blue, brown and to a wife who causes happy delays taking photos and finding treasures in the trash bin.

That’s us de’s artroom!  We realized that there are a lot of reasons that make life beautiful!  We just have to own and express it.  And, when sharing do it with the best materials and tools so that memories remain vibrant and timeless.

Our aim is to enable the best of every Filipino artist by providing artists access to the world’s finest painting tools.  We’re happy to share that we’ve found three brands that have enabled our best and have become our lifetime favorites. We’ve experienced real difference when an artist has the necessary tools within a reach.  As such, we’ve made it our commitment to our fellow Filipinos to share our great finds from our artroom to yours … we will share nothing but tools worth your attention and resources from watercolor paints, painting brushes, palette, watercolor paper and craft tools .

We are the country’s distributor of Daniel Smith manufacturer of artist-grade Extra Fine Watercolors from the U.S.  We also carry premium brand Escoda – “the brush makers” of the world from Barcelona Spain and NEEF brushes from Australia.  We look forward to introducing Daniel Smith’s promise of quality paints that are made of some of the world’s finest minerals and are handmade.  We’ll help you start your journey with Daniel Smith’s 240+ vibrant colors  (40 colors are Daniel Smith exclusive) along with Escoda’s and NEEF’s must-have brushes from their kolinsky sable brushes to select synthetic brushes. We can’t wait to journey with you “Kasining”.

Dino & Ethel

P.S If you’re interested to have Daniel Smith colors near you or interested to become a reseller in the Philippines, just email us at inquiry@desartroom.com.  We’d be happy to assist!